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26 April 2018

State of Washington: Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G

"The electromagnetic spectrum is important and should be made use of. We are not Luddites. We are not opposed to better technology just to protect the jobs of meter readers. We are opposed to the reckless and rapidly increasing overuse of electromagnetic radiation at harmful frequencies, at harmful intensity levels, and in far too many places."

Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G
Letter to Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Council, Governor of the State of Washington, Attorney-General - State of Washington, etc., April 25, 2018

Read the latest version online at:

To Our Representatives:

I write as attorney for the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, formerly known as Hard Wired For Safety, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Coalition opposes so-called advanced or smart meters and 5G technology and informs politicians, the public, insurance commissioners, and lawyers, regarding their defects, the harms they cause to humans and other life forms, the damage they cause to property, their failure economically, their surveillance violations, their violation of trespass laws, their failure to qualify according existing regulations, and the refusal of insurance carriers to cover some or all damages caused by these technologies.

24 April 2018

Chemtrails in Switzerland

RE-POSTED:  24 April 2018.   Particulate spraying is going on more and more in the skies above Geneva!

"Dennis Kucinich, former Congressional Representative, had placed chemtrails and weaponization of the atmosphere and space on the agenda for discussion of the Space Preservation Act, but was then pressured into removing these items. He was one of the few persons of integrity in the United States Congress to raise the issues of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology, nanoparticles,  genetically modified organisms, and chemtrails."

Lately, we have noticed more and more "chemtrails" in the skies over Geneva. So much so, that we wrote the following opinion piece, published in the Tribune de Genève on 8 July. One "doubting Thomas" or should we say, "troll", phoned us to challenge the opinion, saying these were only condensation trails from planes, that special weather conditions were causing these to linger in the skies, and the newer reactors produced such trails. This person also does not believe that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technologies may cause adverse health effects.

No better than GMOs...
Tribune de Genève, 8 July 2016

« Berne leaves the door open to GMOs », a technology which could threaten the health of man, animals, and the environment. And other technologies? For some time, on fair-weather days, we notice airplanes leaving vast white trails in the sky. Afterwards, the sky becomes white, gray, temperatures fall and sometimes, it rains. Are these planes spraying chemical substances? Who owns these planes? We fear the substances being sprayed are harmful to man and the environment. Agrochemical companies like Monsanto are developing GMOs resistant to these chemical substances, aluminum, for example, which affects the quality of the soil.

23 April 2018

Prof. Dominique Belpomme: "Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing the Electromagnetic Fields Impact on Adults and Children", - Krakow, 27 November 2017

The city of Krakow has a webpage called Protection against electromagnetic fields which includes “Practical Guidance on reducing EMFs” which recommends “Reducing mobile call to an absolute minimum; Turn off the phone, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband (3G / 4G) and Bluetooth; Turning off Wi-Fi router if it is not used, especially in the night; Giving preference to wired Internet, and the occasional use of mobile Internet (wired link, and especially fiber is safer, more stable and faster than wireless).

Prof. Dominique Belpomme, “Diagnosing, treating and preventing the Electromagnetic Fields impact on adults and children", Krakow, 27 November 2017 - in English - 46 min.


Extract from article by the Environmental Health Trust:

21 April 2018

Switzerland and 5G: The Cat is Out of the Bag: 36 Times Stronger Mobile Telephony Transmitters!

"What is required now is nothing less than to use the 24-hour average instead of the short-term peak load when setting the limit value. In the worst case, this would increase the limit value for places of sensitive use from 5 to 30V/m, and would allow up to 36 times stronger transmitters than before. Imagine that: 30V/m in our bedrooms and living rooms. Or even in school and hospital rooms!" 

The cat is out of the bag - 36 times stronger mobile telephony transmitters !

by Hans-U. Jacob, President of Gigaherz.ch. 19 April 2018  (DeepL translation)

Now the mobile phone lobby, or rather the mobile phone mafia, has let the cat out of the bag and for the first time made public how the population is to be made happy for the second time with a giant fraud.

The first lie spread over years with gigantic PR efforts is probably the completely untenable assertion that Switzerland has 10 times stricter limits than other European countries with regard to mobile radiation. Have a look at: https://www.gigaherz.ch/schweizer-grenzwertschwindel-kurz-und-klar/

After the storm that now follows, the already known Swiss threshold swindle may only have been a mild breeze. Because the preliminary advisory commission in the National Council (KVF-N) demands nothing less than 36 times stronger mobile radio stations with a nasty cattle trader trick. Even the business-friendly "Tages-Anzeiger" and "der Bund" speak of a "boy trick".

20 April 2018

Greenpeace To Apple: Forget The Robots And Make iPhones Repairable

Greenpeace To Apple: Forget The Robots And Make iPhones Repairable
by MARK SULLIVANfastcompany.com, 19 April 2018

Apple has made important strides in its green efforts, but it continues to oppose efforts to make iPhones more repairable.

[Photo: ThamKC/iStock]
Apple is out with its 2018 Environmental Responsibility Report today, and in it is news of a new iPhone disassembly robot named Daisy that can rip apart 200 iPhones in an hour to get to the reusable and recyclable parts. (Daisy is an upgraded version of Apple’s first such robot, 2016’s Liam.)

Greenpeace quickly released a statement saying, in effect, that Apple should focus its green energies on making iPhones more repairable in the first place, so that they last longer and don’t show up in landfills quite so soon. Greenpeace senior analyst Gary Cook wrote:

Switzerland: Despite Concerns about Possible Health Consequences, the National Council Wants to Circumvent Current Radiation Protection Limits in Order to Launch 5G

The Commission for Transport and Telecommunications of the National Council wants to ask the government to take into account an average value for transmission power over 24 hours instead of fixed maximum values as before. This would artificially increase the limit values. 

Other measuring method - stronger antennas would already be allowed
by Jon Mettlerderbund.ch, 19 April 2018 (translation by DeepL)

Leading the way:  The new 5G standard allows a
transmission speed 100 times faster.
Frank Augstein (Keystone)
Despite concerns about possible health consequences, the National Council wants to use a "boy trick" to circumvent the current radiation protection limits.

There is political resistance to the rapid development of the fast fifth generation (5G) mobile communications standard. At the beginning of March, the Council of States refused to relax the strict radiation protection values for antennas and thus stood up against the will of the National Council and the state government.

Higher limits are regarded as a prerequisite for the three Swiss mobile phone providers to be able to rapidly set up the new 5G network and offer it in a commercially viable manner. In the Council of States, however, concerns about possible health consequences predominated. 5G allows 100 times higher transmission speeds on the smartphone than the current 4G standard.

Cell Phone Radiation Affects Fertility

Cell phone Radiation Affects Fertility
by Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz Clean Tech, dqindia.com, 19 April 2018

Today, cell phones have become an integral part of human life. They are truly changing our life by making everything convenient and time saving. The cell phone that gives you regular updates on news, sports and social media, unfortunately affects your fertility. Cell phones emit harmful radiation waves that affect sperm count and its quality in men.

The radiation waves emitted from cell phones are non- ionizing and considered as one of the most dangerous forms of pollution created by technology. These invisible radiation waves cause significant damage to reproductive organs in human beings. The long hour exposure to cell phones in front and back pocket of trousers impacts the health of testes and quality of sperm in men. Moreover, the close proximity of cell phones to men’s lower halves of the body directly exposes it to Electromagnetic radiation adversely affecting their sperm count.

Switzerland: Parliamentary Commission Discusses Network Blocking, 5G, Regulated Access

Swiss parliamentary commission discusses network blocking, 5G, regulated access
telecompaper.com, 19 April 2018

The Swiss Parliamentary Commission for Transport and Telecommunications conducted additional hearings on the draft revision of the Telecommunications Act, especially the topics network blocking, 5G and access regulation.

On network blocking, the commission looked at how to combat online child pornography and the advantages and disadvantages of content deletions and website blocking. The Commission also requested information on cooperation between the Fedpol and the international organisation Inhope, whose representatives attended the hearing.

A hearing with the association Asut and the Directorate for Environment and Energy of the city of St. Gallen focused on 5G. An adaptation of the calculation and measurement methods for base station emissions is possible at short notice without changes to the system limit values. The Commission will now write to the Bundesrat asking it to consider a 24-hour average for the transmitter's power measurement. It would thus be possible to implement the Ordinance on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection in practice. The measurement of the average values ​​should be automated, and there should be a simplified approval procedure for existing installations, the Commission said.

19 April 2018

Croatia: More and More Antenna and Base Stations, Citizens in Fear of Harmful Radiation

Croatia is one of only four countries in Europe (with Romania, Slovakia and Portugal), where it is not necessary to consult with local government bodies and the local community and the only country in Europe where the base station location is to be located, where no building permit is needed for such facilities.

More and more antenna and base stations, citizens in fear of harmful radiation
by ELS / HRT, magazin.hrt.hr, 13 April 2018 (translation)

There are more frequent issues, but also negative public reactions to electromagnetic radiation, or antenna and transmitter installation.

Mobile teleoperators set telecommunication aerials (base stations), hospitals, cultural monuments, even churches. Antenna columns are uncontrolled, without any order, permits, knowledge of local self-government, information about the population and respect for spatial plans.

Eighteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (18 April 2018)

Since August, 2016, Dr. Moscowitz has been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month. These updates are sent to several hundred EMF scientists around the world who have subscribed to his email list. The collection of abstracts currently contains more than 350 papers. Due to numerous requests to post these abstracts, he has compiled the collection into a document which can be downloaded from his web site. [Our blog, "Towards Better Health" will continue to post the latest studies and keep them on our site for one year.]

For more information

Eighteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 18 April 2018

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